The Vision for Law’s Architectural Signs
Law's Team at Work!

 In the beginning, most of our work was technical engraving on instrument panels used in the marine and aircraft industry. We made the fuel dipsticks for Pan American Airways' "Flying Boats" that took off and landed in the waters near Dinner Key Marina, in Coconut Grove. 

 By the early 70's, we began to manufacture other items, which included signs. Our concentration was on signage for hospitals, hotels and office buildings - we have now expanded into a full service architectural signage company. 

Our highly skilled craftsmen have perfected new cutting-edge technologies like CNC routers, lasers, printers and plotters, which helps them execute complex processes such as woodworking, clear coating and hand fabrication. 

 As the years go by, we continue to look for new methods and pratices to advance our manufacturing capabilities, in order to bring you the best in Architectural Signage.

- Greg Law